Plastic in Canadian Springs water
Email CFIA and ask to have CanadianSprings bottled water investigatied

If you have Canadian Spings bottled water with plastic in it, like here, and here, or on this blog, email

After a few days they might ask for this info.

- brand name of product
- size, universal product code, best before date
- location and name of the store where the product was purchased
- date of purchase
- your home address (so that we know which CFIA regional office to refer to your inquiry to)
- a daytime number where an inspector can reach you


You should keep the remaining product in case a sample is needed for an investigation.

Because Canadian Springs does not have enough faulty product in stores, and the CFIA’s budget is only big enough to test 300 samples of bottled water for 1 particular thing… Instead of a realistic amount of samples, and for more then 1 thing they don’t anticipate on finding.

Check Canadian Springs Plastic in Bottled Water twitter for some info not posted here, and then boicott Canadian Springs

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Does your bottles of water have pieces of plastic in it?

Disclaimer - Dont sue me! CHECK FOR YOURSELF

I notice the plastic in the jugs of water, after placing on the cooler and the plunger pokes the plastic that keeps the water in, little pieces of plastic wind up inside the jugs, and from there into every place I’ve put the water.

My water bottle, an ultrasonic nebulizer for aerating essential oils, pots on the stove, electric kettle. Everywhere.

Your mileage may vary, but I’ve seen it in every bottle after loading it into the cooler for the past 7 months.

I don’t have a cooler, I don’t buy the water. I don’t drink it!

The pictures are from my friends place. The water jugs are purchased from 2 separate stores in Downtown Calgary. I’ve mentioned it to my friend and he does not seem to mind… I wonder about everyone else.

Personally, I don’t want to be boiling little pieces of plastic in a kettle, pot, or have it winding up in my water bottle.

Pictures of Plastic in Canadian Springs bottled Water

Plastic in Canadian Springs bottled water

- The bottles in question on a cooler

- Small piece of plastic, below the label

- Same shot from another angle

- Another piece of plastic in my water bottle

- Poured the water into a bowl for a better picture

- An old empty bottle, beside the piece of plastic showing the same color.

The whole set of images of Plastic in Canadian Springs bottle water is located here

 Download the whole set of RAW images of Plastic in Canadian Springs bottled water from here.

Download a copy of the video showing plastic in a bottle here if the video gets taken down or for storing a local copy.

The video is available on Youtube here